Example: photographing reflections on bubbles
Big-wheel bubble cart for rough terrain
moon image
lunar phases

This site is dedicated to spreading the Magic and Inspiration of Big Soap Bubbling to the World. We know the wonder of the Giant Soap-Bubbling Artform must be Seen to be Believed! Big Bubbling can be finnicky. We want to help Big Bubblers Succeed so they can help Spread the Magic. This site is in early development. I hope this place will become a gathering place for Big Soap Bubblers and Resources to benefit them and their fans.

Those wishing to volunteer, website help, resources, etc. are much appreciated. The forum should be a good place to chat, post product reviews, links,... There is a photo album anyone can add big-bubble-related pictures to. Here's the links & resources that we have had a chance to put here so far. We welcome Bubble Entertainer Contact Information posted by bubblers looking for opportunities to entertain.

We reserve the right to remove any information from the entire BigBubblers site at any time for any reason. That said, we hope visitors will respect the site by posting only material which is truthful (or honestly believed), helpful and at least somewhat relevant to Big Soap Bubbling. We do not want to do much "Moderating" on this site.

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