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I think MapleStory really need some modification

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PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2018 11:30 pm    Post subject: I think MapleStory really need some modification Reply with quote

That is why I think we are lacking a great deal in balanced variations for solo and celebration drama. Nowadays if you simply have enough harm you solo it, and if you do not you call up one of your friends or neglect about it. Boss rewards nowadays are pathetic in comparison to the marketplace. In terms of view, I feel both are essential. Cheap Maplestory Mesos Playing with old and releasing fresh content is something that must be worked on, just look how much the sport has changed over the years of progression. If there was "no modification" over the last 11 years, describe how Pre-BB and Post-BB would be the exact same.

With the way MapleStory is at this time, lots of men and women are stuck in many sorts of places for many distinct reasons. There are bugs, dead material, or almost impossible feats.Bugs get into spots all of the time and requires etc. and reports. Sure there should be of bugs being looked into, but there's not anything else we can argue about that. In terms of renewing content it either requires, "Tips, Feedback, and Impressions". Or a content tracker/tally to see if anyone is using it. Either that or it will become useless chunks in the game and either gets eliminated or sits there for the rest of its times.

New articles, no other way to avoid this unless it is being delayed because of a reason. In terms of power-creep, I think it's crucial for a match to continue to advance or else we will be needing some folks doing the exact same thing every week, or attaining the very same goals. Sweetwater and Absolab doesn't conquer the CRA+Tyrant+Gollux Combo under normal conditions. We have people doing a 2-3 year old content for end game gear, we've got people grinding out of it, the marketplace reflects this too.

Tyrant Gloves came about August 2014 at Mark of Honor Hieizan Temple (Kritias). But there are people that are trying hard to obtain Nebulites that are [B] or [A] Rank, and people who can't Star Force their own Tyrant gear, and individuals who cannot Bonus Potential Cube in any way. There are a number of men and women who cannot afford Tyrant or Root Abyss equipment. There are a few people who quit after Lv.140-160. This is a big problem in terms of development for many kinds of players who manage to stay for a long time period. Both mid-game and end-game are having a hard time progressing due to such limits placed in front of them. This is the reason we need revamped and new content.

In my view, reboot is a mask or a little step in the right direction of having a better updating system. But, I find that it requires an overhaul because who in the ideal mind would block and fully enhance something less than the best they can get Maplestory items? I find it absolutely crazy that we can burst a full 160 Levels by just swapping out clean equipment for another until Pensalir/Empress/Tyrant/Sweetwater/Gollux/Chaos Root Abyss equipment and after that you're working with equipment by doing said content farming for Reward Points/Mesos solely to combat Chaos or end-game supervisors. The leveling and updating curve is ridiculous easy and the scale goes off the charts. However once you reach the top there's nothing left to do. I can not put it into appropriate words of just how to describe it, but it seems like we blast through content then grind it out till insanity for the past small portion.I think the progression process remains problem within the match. Reboot or non-Reboot, we are both affected by stated outcome.
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