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New road sweeper

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:41 pm    Post subject: New road sweeper Reply with quote

<P>In the daily maintenance work of asphalt pavement, pit repair is one of the most important work content, slot repair a variety of ways, mainly hot material hot fill, hot material cold fill, cold material cold fill method. This paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the common asphalt pavement maintenance methods and the scope of application, and introduces the technical and economic advantages of the regenerated heating silo.</P>
<P>1, hot material hot replacement. The so-called hot material hot fill method is the use of various forms of heating plate on the road in situ heating regeneration to complete the pit repair mode, heating plate with microwave heating plate, gas infrared heating plate, hot air circulation heating plate, heating depth and heating uniform The use of microwave heating method is better, and the infrared heating plate and hot air heating plate heating the road, the need for large temperature gradient gradually heating the internal mixture, the heating depth is limited, the surface temperature is baked, part of the asphalt is burned aging is inevitable, The main advantage of hot material hot fill is that the pit repair is hot seam and the old material is in situ regeneration, there is no obvious cold seams, but after all there is a large temperature gradient joints in the cooling process may still produce temperature shrinkage cracks, Usually with emulsified asphalt to deal with the joints;</P>
<p>2, after the formation of pits, due to water damage caused by asphalt peeling and gradation changes, some old mix of no renewable value, the real pit repair must be added to the new material, which led to the heating plate can not be completely completed by the local regeneration Pit repair, and must have a new material to complete the equipment to complete. Practice shows that too much dependence on the local thermal regeneration repair, the repair of the pit durability is poor, small area pit repair even 100% old material heat regeneration and did not count the obvious economic benefits, some road maintenance construction unit early purchase Of the asphalt pavement with a heating plate is generally of high value, and now it is rarely used to heat the plate to reproduce the floor heat to repair the pit, usually the excavation of the pit, that is, first with the ho to break, and then fill the hot material, In order to repair the effect of hot seam to some of the first to heat the pit and then fill in the new material, due to the cost of the problem, this approach is mostly just look like, it is difficult to fully promote the application.</p>
<p>3, microwave heating plate maintenance vehicles, repair is generally broken first pits, fill the cold block after the new mixture, with a microwave heating plate for a period of time to reach the temperature after the level of compaction, so that the microwave heating plate actually change Has become a field heating equipment. Other types of heating plate with a heated car, the use of hot stoves or drum heating machine to solve the problem of hot material, hot plate utilization is very low or even become a display. Three types of heating plate are low efficacy, energy consumption problems, years of practice has proved that this approach can not become the asphalt pavement patching the dominant way.</p>

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