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Pavers in the 1950s and 1970s

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 11:11 pm    Post subject: Pavers in the 1950s and 1970s Reply with quote

The 20th century, 50 to 70 years, with the maturity of hydraulic technology and automatic control
The development of the theory, the paver has made great progress in the function, in addition to the paving width and thickness has increased, the leveling device, feeding system and other aspects compared with the former class has essentially improved.
Ironing mechanism
Manual leveling system 20th century, the late 50s, the United States KANSAS
GELE pulse frequency modulation, ABG pulse width modulation, to improve the leveling accuracy.
Benchmark Selection: The work of the automatic leveling sensor is based on the creation of a reference datum. There are two types of benchmarks used during this period: hanging and gliding. Such as
BARBER2GREENE to use more ways to hang, and BLAW2KNOX and IOWA often use sliding shoes. Wiring leveling effect is better, but vulnerable to external impact
An engineer at the State Highway Commission invented the first set of automatic leveling devices. Its structure is simple, by the manual operation to complete the adjustment of the longitudinal and transverse slope. The longitudinal slope is marked by a reference line and an indicator; the cross slope is indicated by a heavier sensor mounted on the beam and an indicator.
Slope adjustment works: the baseline hanging on the side of the paver, the indicator is installed in the vicinity of the hinge hinge and as a reference point on the baseline. As the paver moves on the uneven floor, the indicator moves up and down, and the operator can ensure a smooth surface by rotating the manual thickness adjustment screw.
Crossbar adjustment works: a cross-beam installed in the paver on both sides, and connected to the reference point on both sides. A sensor with a scale is mounted in the middle of the beam, indicating that the point can be moved along the corresponding indicator. When the arch is determined, the corresponding indication point is initially set at a reference point position. When the pointing point moves up and down along with the road shape, the other side of the operator at this time by adjusting the hand screw to prevent the movement of the point, so as to ensure that pave the design requirements of the road.
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