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Method of correct choose and buy warm floor

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 12:08 am    Post subject: Method of correct choose and buy warm floor Reply with quote

Wooden floor Go how to noise does, sometimes the floor trample that consumer discovers the home is medium has abnormal knocking. How does real wood floor ring to do? How to avoid noise of real wood floor? Follow next will see the result. </p>

<p>How does noise of real wood floor do</p>

<p>1, the the earth's surface is rough</p>

<p>The earth's surface of installation of real wood floor is rough the noise that cause is very common, basically be make level is done not have when installing real wood floor board, generation is impending between floor and keel or wooden keel arises without mat fact impending, these are after causing real wood floor to had been installed, above ambulate the reason of meeting occurrence noise, if be small,the means of settlement of this kind of circumstance is local, the place that can ring to the floor undertakes oil of essence of life permeates processing improvement, if be the proposal of large area,tore open reshipment. </p>

<p>2, dragon backbone dry spends a difference big</p>

<p>Some manufacturer pile up casually before manufacturing keel is dry, the moisture content that brings about wooden keel has differred big, such although be in floor installation process, install make level of keel of worker general wood, the floor installs the problem that floor noise did not appear after finishing, but after using period of time, the change of wooden keel or meeting because of moisture content is new overbalance, bring about the occurrence of floor noise. Should preventing this kind of situation basically is to be before floor installation, let wooden keel set a week indoors first, happen with respect to what can drop this kind of case effectively so. </p>

<p>3, keel is loose</p>

<p>Some workers are installed in real wood floor the fixed way that makes chock add Tie Ding is used in construction, can build chock of cause of formation and Tie Ding interface is too small and make the power that grasp a hammer insufficient, cause wooden keel extremely easily to become loose, noise can appear when trample floor. This need follows construction master worker to discuss to had discussed before installing real wood floor board, the choice compares good keel to secure means. </p>

<p>4, floor aperture is insufficient</p>

<p>Everybody knows installation wood floor board should have enough obligate crack, otherwise real wood floor expands a slight arch that naked eye of the generation in the process observes hard, let real wood gap had produced between floor and keel, floors of such real when ambulate wood vibrate up and down produce sound with respect to meeting attrition. This kind of situation that produces sound also is very common, be about to undertake enough aperture obligate when installation so, if produce this kind of circumstance to also do not want rapid move to renovate reshipment really,handle, can see the effect after be affected with damp be affected with damp of real wood floor first commonly, if serious be out of shaping arises after be affected with damp be affected with damp of floor of fruit real wood, the particularly strict state that real wood floor squashs instead won't reissue noise. </p>

<p>5, moistureproof film was not filled up</p>

<p>When installing real wood floor board, moistureproof film does not have useful mat layer to be held in the palm, meeting change enters the humidity of the ground real wood floor is rear, the tile with slight generation of real wood floor changes and screwy, it is above keel, real wood floor as seesaw same, noise can appear when people ambulates, appear it is very difficult that this kind of noise is maintained commonly, best method was reinstalled namely. </p>
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